The following shows pricing for B2B Advisor’s EZ Pay™ and Go Qualifi™ In-House Financing (offered to virtually all industries) with a comparison to GE Financial’s CareCredit™ product (offered only to medical and dental industries).

EZ Pay™
Go Qualifi™
Loan Limits $100 to $5,000 ($7,500 for Cosmetic and Funeral) $500 to $25,000 (can combine offers to $75,000) $1000 to $10,000
Length of Terms 3, 6, and 12 months 3 months to 20 years 3 months to 36 months
Interest – Consumer Varies by length of loan As low as 6.95% Starting at 15%
Interest – Vendor Zero Zero 6.9% to 15.9% plus fees
Credit Scores Easy Credit Financing 590+ 700+
Acceptance Rate 90% 70% 30%
Time to Acceptance 5 to 20 minutes – While client waits! 5 to 20 minutes on small amounts – 48 hours on large 24 to 48 hours
Client must come back
Equipment Verifone 510 and RDM Check imager, none if $2k or less, then online available Customized Merchant Website, HIPPA compliant, no other equipment Computer and credit card reader
Annual Fees Zero Zero Numerous Compliance fees
Set-up Fee $299 $799 $199
Monthly Fees or Interest $189 (36 mo. equipment lease), or
$299 (24 mo. equipment lease)plus $30 monthly access and security fee
$375 On average $100 for every $1000 charged – Ex. $1000 a month for charging $10,000
Cancellation 90 days in writing –rental of machine 90 days in writing Annual renewal period with 30 days advanced notice
0% Financing Not offered 18 month program with no cost to the vendor ($199 charge to client) 18-month with extra 5.9% charged to vendor
Days to Funding 48 to 72 hours 72 hours (up to 7 days on home improvements over $25,000) 72 hours, after reserves in some fields are met or after chargebacks recovered
Non-Payment Chargebacks None – No recourse against vendor None – No recourse against vendor Up to ½ of loan amount, higher interest rate on vendor after chargeback

B2B Advisors In-House Financing:

  • Gives you a way to stop losing sales due to price or lack of cash
  • Helps you turn estimates into sales and increases opportunities for upsells
  • Uses liens instead of 2nd mortgages for home improvement financing
  • Allows you to make sales to clients that might not qualify for traditional financing
  • Can combine both EZ Pay™ and Go Qualifi™ (EZ Qualifi™) for more client acceptance for only $899 set-up and $500 a month
  • All without long term risk to you!

B2B Advisors’s In-House Financing programs give you an advantage over your competition, a low cost way to offer credit without it costing you a fortune!

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