EZ Pay™ Easy Credit Financing

Are you losing potential Sales?

Ask yourself:

  • What is the easiest way to increase my profits by 25% to 35% this year and each year after?
  • How can I increase my foot traffic without spending Thousands of dollars on advertising?
  • Are customers not making purchases because my prices are too high, or maybe because they just don’t have the money for a large purchase right now?
  • What can I offer that will drive bigger sales, more customers through the door, significantly increase my profits, and cost me 1/3 the cost of advertising?

The answer to all of the above questions is Easy Credit Financing!

With EZ Pay™ Easy Credit Financing:

  • 80% of your customers will qualify for financing within 5 minutes, with just a deposit for 25% of the purchase and valid ID – while they wait!
  • You can offer financing from $100 to $5000!
  • Funeral homes and cosmetic procedures can get approved up to $7500!
  • You get paid the amount of purchase by ACH within 72 hours!
  • You can offer packages or larger purchases, with the amount financed over 3, 6, or 12 months and with a lower interest rate than most credit card rates!
  • You can upsell services or items while offering your customer one low monthly payment!
  • You can safely accept payments and set up EZ Pay™ from your tablet or phone in the field!
  • Most important of all, never have a customer leave because of lack of funds or poor credit!

EZ Pay™ Easy Credit Financing is a no-risk way to significantly increase your profits. EZ Pay™ handles everything, including processing, monthly billing, and paying you the purchase amount within 72 hours. There is never a risk of charge backs. We take all the risks. All for a low monthly rate!

Average Merchant’s Revenue Increase
   Business Type    Weekly    Monthly    Yearly
   Auto Repair    $1,402.65    $5,610.20    $67,322.37
   Retail Merchant    $1,531.86    $6,127.43    $73,529.15
   HVAC    $2,977.22  $11,908.87  $142,908.44
   Dental    $1,368.35    $5,473.40    $65,680.80


Ask yourself if an investment of $200 to $300 a month that can bring you the above returns is a good investment. When you answer “YES” and you are ready to get started making your business more profitable, contact B2B Advisors to find out how easy it is to offer EZ Pay™ Easy Credit Financing.