Working Capital Loans

Working Capital Loan$5,000 to $500,000

Getting working capital loans is hard on small businesses. You can go to the bank and wait several months for an SBA loan. You can take a high interest merchant advance loan from your Credit Card Processor.

Van Ness Agency has an easier, faster and less expensive way to borrow – our Working Capital Loans!

Working Capital Loans can help you deal with all the unexpected expenses that can hurt the cash flow of a small business. You can also use a Working Capital Loan to expand your business, buy your building or buy equipment and inventory.

Our Working Capital Loans Have:

  • Only a simple one-page application
  • 3-month to 36-month terms (longer for building purchases)
  • Fast decision times – usually within 48 hours
  • More flexible criteria than traditional banks; lower FICO scores are welcome!
  • Quick funding – money is deposited within 5-7 days of loan completion
  • Standard interest rates starting at 11.99% with a maximum rate of 24.99%, well below credit card loans and advances

We have a network of lending partners to help find the right loan for you, even if you have been turned down by traditional banks! Where others see roadblocks, we see opportunities!

Quickly & easily receive $5,000 to $500,000 to fund your business without dealing with a traditional bank!

Get a Working Capital Loan that’s easy to understand, quick to fund, and has a low interest rate!